Haru Ichiban's created such a visual and culinary delight, bringing
an innovative style of Japanese cuisine to Duluth, Georgia.

Rated by Zagat Survey 2008/2009 Atlanta Restaurant

"True Sushi lovers seek out" this "reasonably priced" Duluth Japanese , an "unexpected delight" in a "suburban strip center", for "absolutely flawless" and "authentic" offerings, including some seafood that surveyors "didn't even know swam in the ocean", and a regular contingent of Japanese nationals" is the "best endorsement" to many; "friendly" owners "never forget" your name, and pros promise your "stomach will never forget" the experience.

"Four Star by John Kessler, Atlanta Journal Constitution. One of the best Japanese Restaurant in the Greater Atlanta Area."

Editorial Review for Haru Ichiban by Tony Ware

The Scene: Situated in the crook of a nondescript shopping complex not far from Gwinnett Place Mall, Haru Ichiban might easily be overlooked were it not for its reputation as one of the area's most dependable sources for quality sushi and other Japanese dishes.

Picture windows line one side of the long, slender dining room; the formidable sushi bar, the other. The restaurant is extremely popular with Japanese ex-pats. Service is graceful and attentive.

The Food: The menu is divided between sushi and sashimi, Japanese small plates, and comfort foods. Nigiri is tender and fresh with nicely prepared rice cradling cuts of tuna, yellowtail and mackerel. Daikon radish adds pleasant crunch to field greens in a snappy ginger dressing. Spicy baked shrimp in butter and chili oil is worth the calorie splurge. Skip less exciting dishes like teriyaki chicken in favor of a pot of nabeyaki udon, a hearty noodle bowl dense with fish cake, Japanese vegetables and succulent tempura prawns.